Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Advanced development program

At Anorthosis Basketball Club we are firm believers in cultivating the sport of basketball from a young age. Most academies use ‘spot training’ in their team practices. This means that each coach implements their coaching program as they see fit at the time, irrespective of what has been implemented in previous years. The Advanced Development Program or ADP implements a continuous development scheme and continuous monitoring system that transforms the idea of an academy into that of a basketball school. The ADP is now becoming standard practice in all major club academies across the USA and Europe.


Each child in this school receives personalised attention in order to enhance their attributes whilst following a specific ‘syllabus’. This syllabus builds upon where the child left off the previous year, and lays the cornerstones of their player development the following year. This syllabus is uniquely designed by the Technical Director in conjunction with the Development Coach and consists of the following: Exercise training programs, attribute development exercises, practice plays and game set plays. These are all developed by internationally acclaimed coaches and trainers and are adapted in their ‘Academy Play-Books’. Anorthosis Basketball Club coaches undergo regular development seminars in order to stay updated with any new developments regarding these play-books.


Meanwhile, as well as investing in state of the art training equipment and offering a safe and professional environment, children at our academy can benefit from the club’s ‘support partners’ which include physiotherapists, nutritionists, doctors, gyms, etc. who work alongside the Advanced Development Program in order to offer the most complete and professional service available at any basketball school in Cyprus.