Our Advanced Development Program (A.D.P)

At Anorthosis Basketball Club we are firm believers in cultivating the sport of basketball from a young age. Most academies use ‘spot training’ in their team practices. This means that each coach implements their coaching program as they see fit at the time, irrespective of what has been implemented in previous years. The Advanced Development Program or ADP implements a continuous development scheme and continuous monitoring system that transforms the idea of an academy into that of a basketball school. The ADP is now becoming standard practice in all major club academies across the USA and Europe.


Youth Development Program – Part of the (A.D.P)

Each child in this school receives personalised attention in order to enhance their attributes whilst following a specific ‘syllabus’. This syllabus builds upon where the child left off the previous year, and lays the cornerstones of their player development the following year. This syllabus is uniquely designed by the Technical Director in conjunction with the Development Coach and consists of the following: Exercise training programs, attribute development exercises, practice plays and game set plays. These are all developed by internationally acclaimed coaches and trainers and are adapted in their ‘Academy Play-Books’. Anorthosis Basketball Club coaches undergo regular development seminars in order to stay updated with any new developments regarding these play-books.

The 11 pillars of youth development

  1. Player Utilization – Attempts to achieve 100% player utilization. Players waiting on the sideline are kept to a minimum. Even during breaks, players are stimulated through other means such as videos and quizzes. During our Advanced Development Program (A.D.P) every minute counts.

  2. Physical Strengthening – The exercises are not only for physical endurance, but also help the player throughout the training schedule. Personalized attention is given to the players in order to identify any weaknesses as well as to ensure that the exercises are being performed correctly.

  3. Nutrition – This is the foundation for our bodies, therefore we have qualified nutritionists that periodically present to the players as well as to the parents the benefits of a correct nutritional plan. Hydration is of utmost importance, and the coaches make sure that the players are properly hydrated.

  4. Task / Play application – Tasks are explained and demonstrated each day to the players. The players in return execute the tasks to ensure that they have understood them correctly. During practices and games the coaches insist on seeing the practiced tasks being displayed. Tasks could vary from set plays to player attitudes during practice and play.

  5. Promote team Play – Our A.D.P promotes team play, even in the most critical of moments of a tightly contested game. The most important aspect of basketball is the pass. Coach Manouselis stresses the point that one ball accomodates a five player team. It is critical that the ball is passed to a player in a more favourably position, especially during critical moments in a game.

  6. Corrective action – Our A.D.P focuses on the process. Our coaches understand that if the player does not execute the exercises correctly, then they will not develop as a player.  The players are encouraged to perfect the process and then the result will follow.

  7. Maximizing Players effort – Our A.D.P encourages the players to put in the maximum effort. We encourage our players to give more than 100% effort because we believe that in this way our players will learn to continously improve their skills.

  8. Entertainment & fun – Succesful training requires focus and concentration. Our A.D.P schedule varies in content in order to keep the players motivated, interested and most importantly entertained.  We strive to have a rich mix of basketball drills, strengthening exercises, video sessions, games, guest speakers, competitions and prizes.

  9. Discipline – We stress the importance of discipline in order to keep the players focused. Each player responds differently to various actions to discipline. If a player disrupts the training development of other players, he is temporarily removed from the training session and spoken to one on one, always in public view.  Periodically there is a sports phsychologist present during training sessions in order to advise the coaches during or after training.

  10. Experiences – Our A.D.P incoperates a plethora of experiences, from watching national teams playing live to discussing with professional players. Our coaches strive to develop every player whilst increasing their love for the game.

  11. Safety –  Our Basketball facilities are always kept clean and safe of any dangers. We have complete medical kits available at all times, and all our coaches have completed certified first aid courses.

Development Camps:

    • Basketball Development clinic  planned for July 2018
    • Basketball Development clinic July 2017
    • Basketball Development clinic  July 2016

Competitive Teams

Under 14 Men
Under 16 Men
Under 18 Men
Under 14 Women
Under 16  Women
Under 18 Women

Player Support Structure

Nutritionist : Clinical Dietitian: Christina Economidou Pieridou
Physiotherapist :- Stoupas & Karaolis - Physiotherapy-Center-Stouppas-and-Karaolis
Psychologist: Sports and clinical- Counselling Psychologist : Thalia Panayi
Podiatrist : Michalis Polyviou Healthy Feet Center
Ergometric Center : Giorgos Panayiotou Phone: 00357 99529006 Mail: geopancy@gmail.com
Youth Players: Boys
Youth Players: Girls
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